5 Blogs to Follow from Women in Archaeology

As an archaeologist and blogger, I enjoy reading the work of fellow female archaeology bloggers. I wanted to share 5 blogs that I have followed for some time. I have limited this list to bloggers that have posted recently and also post fairly consistently. Their content is excellent and insightful and I encourage you to check them out (each title is hyperlinked)!

1. Middle Savagery 

Dr. Colleen Morgan has been writing about art, archaeology, and digital media on her blog for over ten years. Middle Savagery is one of the first archaeology blogs that I followed. Her recent photo essays on archaeologists-who-happen-to-be mothers inspired the Tumblr, Women Digging, which increases the visibility of an often taboo subject – motherhood and archaeology.

My Favorite PostHaram at the Beach: This beautifully written post provides reflections on a topic that I was curious about after my first field season in Oman.

 2. Castles and Coprolites

Dr. Lisa-Marie Shillito writes about geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology. Her posts cover topics regarding fieldwork, lab work, teaching, and more. I have learned a lot from her pieces on micromorphology, especially her detailed, yet easy-to-follow, explanations of select micrographs.

My Favorite Post: Micrograph: Unusual Archaeobotany: This micrograph explanation speaks to both my interest in micromorphology and my love of all things botanical.

3. Human Ev

Evelyn Glaze draws humorous cartoons about her journey as a graduate student in evolutionary anthropology. While technically she isn’t an archaeologist (we’re disciplinary relatives though!), her drawings definitely resonate among archaeology graduate students so I wanted to include her.

My Favorite Post: Dental Anthropology: This post made me laugh out loud. The sentiment behind this post can be applied to almost any lab-intensive course.

4. The Woven Road

Meadow-Lynn blogs and podcasts about fiber art, history, and wine. When I first read her post on, ‘Why Textile History Matters‘, I was hooked. Her posts on textile history provides readers and listeners detailed and diverse insight into a category of things we use daily, but likely don’t know much about.

My Favorite Post: A Constructive Revolution: The Important History of Craftivism: This post weaves different threads of data and information into a fascinating and empowering narrative.

5. Trowelblazers

The team at Trowelblazers is made up of four women: Dr. Brenna Hassett, Dr. Tori Herridge, Dr. Suzanne Pilaar Birch, and Dr. Rebecca Wragg Sykes. In their blog, they detail the history and stories of women in archaeology, palaeontology, and geology. Their joint project with photographer Leonora Saunders, ‘Raising Horizons‘, is a photographic exhibition of modern-day trowelblazers and their historic counterparts.

My Favorite Post: Beatrice de Cardi, OBE: As an archaeologist working in northern Oman, this article is among one of my favorites.

Excited to check these out? Are there any blogs by women in archaeology that you love that weren’t mentioned? Let me know below!

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