YouTube Gear List

Have you ever thought about creating YouTube videos? Not sure what gear to get? This post details my YouTube gear list to help you determine what might work best for you.

I’ve organized it based on the following functions: camera, audio, tripod, lighting, and software for video production.

In general, I tend to choose options that are easy to use, cost-effective, and travel well.

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YouTube Gear List


A camera of some sort is needed to capture video. Currently, I keep my operation simple and use my iPhone 14 Pro.

Sometimes folx like to have two cameras if they teach something and want to show two shots. Personally, if I needed a 2nd camera I would either borrow my husband’s iPhone or use my photography camera (Fujifilm X-T20 w/18-55mm lens).

iPhone 14 Pro (~$1000+) – I shoot in 4K Cinematic mode, and I’m happy with the video quality. Also, I use it as my phone so I appreciate the multi-functionality.I’m happy with my current camera setup.Sony ZV-E10 (~$800)- All-around popular mid-tier choice.

Sony a7c (~$1500) – All-around popular upper-tier choice

Sony ZV1 (~$700) or more compact Sony ZV1F (~$500) – Popular for vlogging and on-the-go filming.

Canon EOS-R10 (~$1000) – Good for vlogging and shaky footage.

Sony ZV-E1 (~$2200) – Full-frame vlogging camera with interchangeable lens.
MacBook Pro (~$1700+) – I used my computer camera to see myself as I recorded my first few videos. I still use this camera if I’m recording on


Audio quality increases when you keep a mic as close to you as possible. I string a lavalier mic under my shirt, which works well for my sit-down videos. Other options include mounting a mic to a boom pole outside your video shot.

Some folx opt for an external audio recorder and sync it up with the video in post-production. I might explore that down the line. For non-sit-down content, I’m exploring wireless lav mics.

Boya Lavalier Mic with wires (~$15) – I just put this under my shirt and connect it straight to my iPhone.DJI Wireless Lav Mic (~$330) – I hope to add this to my kit for filming when travelling.Rode VideoMicro (~$50) & Rode Video Mic GO II (~$100) – Popular camera-mounted options that can also be put on a boom.

Shure MV88 (~$200) – Popular USB mic.

Rode Video Mic Pro (~220) – Popular mid-tier mic.


When using a smartphone or a camera, you usually need a tripod to mount the device and keep the shot steady and stable.

I had two tripods at home; they didn’t work for me. One was a flexible off-brand gorilla tripod, which wasn’t stable. The second was a random standard tripod that was really hard to center and level. I ended up going with a slightly more premium and iPhone-specific option.

Peak Design Mobile Tripod (~$80) – I really enjoy this little tripod, which magnetically attaches to my phone’s back. It’s easy to take around and use for shooting at home.Peak Design Travel Tripod (~$380 or ~$750 depending on material) – I am hoping to invest in this soon for both home and travel.Joby GorillaPod tripods (~$15-$180) and Manfrotto tripods (~$19-$200) are popular options for video. They both have versions for smartphones, cameras, travel, etc.N/A


I mainly rely on sunlight for my lighting and a small light dimmable LED light.

Lighting is quite important in enhancing video quality. Many creators use a light stand, dimmable LED lights, and soft boxes for their lighting setup.

I hope to learn more about lighting in the future and create a setup that works for me.

Aputure AL-MC RGBWW Mini (~$90) – I prop this up nearby my camera setup to try to create some extra dimension when I film. Perhaps an Aputure setup.Aputure is a premium lighting brand and quite popular.N/A

Software for Video Production

I use a few programs to enhance the quality of my videos. The chart below shares what I use, why, and how to get the best deals on these programs.

Pro version
video editingI never properly edited videos before creating my YouTube channel. Descript made it feel accessible as it was pretty much like editing a word document. Also, the sound quality is excellent! It makes creating subtitles and transcripts for all my videos super easy. If I have questions, I pose it on their Discord page and the community there is supportive and encouraging. While Descript is not as robust as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, it makes it easy to start and keep going (especially with the A-cut). Monthly or Yearly Plans:

– Paying annually vs. monthly saves you 20%

– Creator version discounts for students, educators, and non-profits

– There is a free trial to test the Pro version

– Not aware of discount codes.

Epidemic Sound
Personal Plan
royalty-free background music and sound effectsI was shocked at how much of a difference music made, even in my first videos. I’m keen to learn more about sound design.Monthly or Yearly Plans:

– Paying annually vs. monthly saves you 44% on the personal plan and 50% on commercial plans

– For a free trial of Epidemic Sound, click here

– It’s worth looking for a coupon/promotional code if you decide to continue after the free trial (I don’t have a code yet).
Canvagraphic creationI use Canva for graphics and various b-rollMonthly or Yearly Plans:

– Paying annually vs. monthly saves you 16%

– Educators and schools can get Canva for Education for free

– Not aware of any discount codes
Pro version
record video featuring guestsThe video and sound quality are quite good, especially compared to Zoom recordings. My video guests have found it easy to use too. Their customer service is also quick to resolve potential issues.Monthly or Yearly Plans:

– Paying annually vs. monthly saves you up to 21%

– It’s worth looking for discount/promo codes (I don’t have a code yet, but you can use any code you find with my affiliate link).
Free Version
organize video production workflowNotion helps me organize my workflow and communicate with my team. While I use the free version, I will upgrade to the Plus or Business version as I build my team.Monthly or Yearly Plans:

– Paying annually vs. monthly saves you 16-20%

– Free version is very robust

– Students and educators can get the Plus plan for free

– Might be worth searching for promo codes
GoGeek Plan
website hostingI have a blog post on this website for each YouTube video I create, including the video, full transcript, and relevant links. I’ve used SiteGround for this site for years, and while pricier than other options, the service and quality make it worth it.Normal rates range from $14.99-39.99/month

– SiteGround offers heavily discounted introductory offers (~80% off) if you pay for your contract period upfront. I suggest starting with the bare minimum plan you need and lock in the rate for 3 years. When it comes to renewing, consider upgrading to the next tier for a discounted rate (might have to chat with customer service about this). Whether you upgrade or not, you get the best renewal discount if you lock in for the maximum years possible and pay the lump sum).

– Not aware of promo codes, but worth a check
NordVPNcyber security while travellingIn the past, I would use free VPNs when travelling; however, I decided to pay for a reputable service. When editing videos and accessing various account info when travelling, I want to ensure my data is secure. NordVPN offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for my computer and smartphone. Monthly and Yearly plans range from $3.49-16.49/month

– There is a free trial.

– They run a lot of deals so lock in for as long as you can.

– Definitely search around and check for the best deal. Here is my affiliate offer for NordVPN (but go with the best price you can find!).

Closing Thoughts

Starting and staying consistent with YouTube is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Especially in the beginning stages, having easy-to-use and cost-effective gear makes things a lot easier. I’ll keep this post updated as I iterate on my system, but feel free to drop any questions or comments below!

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