Walking Limberlost Trail

This post is part of the ‘In 7′ photo series., where I share a moment in 7 pictures.

Visiting Shenandoah National Park (USA) has been on our to-do list since moving to Baltimore. We also wanted to take a small trip to try out travelling with our newborn son. A few weeks after giving birth, we packed our car and headed to Virginia.

Since I was still healing, my husband did some research and suggested the Limberlost Trail. It’s a fully accessible, fairly flat 1.3-mile circuit. We found it to be quite stroller friendly and it’s advertised to be wheelchair accessible. There’s also a fair number of benches for those of us in need of frequent breaks (me!).

Here are my 7 photos that captured our time walking Limberlost Trail with a photo-by-photo breakdown below:

This picture shows the look of the Limberlost trail. It’s fairly flat, a bit gravely, and both strollers and wheelchairs can traverse over it.
When I was walking the trail I was surprised to see so many downed trees. In preparing this post, I learned an invasive insect killed most of the hemlock trees in the area decades before. Many infected trees were cut down due to fears that they could fall unexpectedly and injure hikers. Some of the downed trees are also due to weather events like ice storms and hurricanes.
We walked Limberlost at the end of April, but it’s during June when the trail is in full bloom. Nonetheless, we got to see some of the early signs of the impending flowering event.
These plants were the greenest flora on the trail, but I have no clue what they are. If you do, let me know!
The Limberlost Trail has a bunch of benches, which was perfect to feed our hungry Teddy (the only bear-like creature we saw on the trail).
The trail features a boardwalk and a bridge. This photo was taken on the bridge.
Towards the end of our walk, we got to witness a mist rolling through. It was so fascinating to see our view get foggy and then lighten up again after a few minutes. It was a great way to end our walk.

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