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Visiting the Lagoa do Fogo in the Azores


Years ago when I researched potential honeymoon locations, the Azores popped up on my radar. An image of bright green pastures set against the backdrop of the strikingly blue Atlantic Ocean piqued my interest. Though we ended up going to New Zealand for our honeymoon (no complaints there!), I still hoped to travel to the Azores one day. That dream became a reality not so long ago. My favorite...

Visiting the Famous Pillow Basalts in Wadi Jizzi, Oman


If you have never heard of pillow basalts before, don’t worry. For over 5 years I didn’t realize that I worked a mere two hours away from a pretty famous geological site. If you want to know more about pillow basalts and how to see famous ones in Oman, keep reading.
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5 Tips for Writing Productivity When Travelling


Whether you are travelling for leisure, visiting family, or as part of your job, writing during this time can be challenging. Even if you would prefer not to write on your trip, certain situations might deem it necessary. This post offers my 5 tips for writing productivity when travelling.
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2 Hours in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


As an archaeologist, I’m more accustomed to slow travel. Spending days, weeks, or even months, in a location is my normal. When I’m travelling as a tourist, I often have to adjust and sometimes that means settling for a couple of hours. Recently, I was on a whirlwind trip through Bavaria with my Mom and friend. On our way back to Frankfurt, we planned to stop at Rothenburg ob der...

5 Reasons to Visit Linderhof Palace in Ettal, Germany


Castles and mountains. Those were the two things that my Mom and friend wanted to see during our short tour of Bavaria (southeastern state in Germany). After spending a day roaming Munich, we had one full day left to see castles and mountains. The big question was, “Where should we go?”
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7 Tips for a Long Weekend in Iceland


Iceland is a hotspot for travellers these days. I see people who barely travel venturing off to Iceland. The country offers a lot of options that make planning a visit quite easy, including free layovers and various types of tour packages, to help you build your trip as you want it. We decided to go for an extended weekend and this post covers 7  tips on how to make the most of your long weekend...

Architectural Feats in Oman Throughout the Ages


Oman is currently a hotspot for travellers. It’s also a place that is receiving increasing attention by archaeologists. Oman features a stunning landscape, which includes an expansive sand dune desert, a myriad of wadis (intermittent rivers), numerous mountainous outcrops, a lengthy coastline, and more. Amidst these natural wonders, humans have been building permanent structures in the...

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I’m an archaeologist that travels around the world for both work and pleasure. I have a penchant for exploring ancient and modern places and the people, plants, and foods entangled in them. I write about archaeology, travel, and productivity.



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