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My 10 Favorite Dishes in Maxvorstadt – Munich, Germany


Over the past decade, I have cumulatively spent about a year in Munich, Germany. During all my stays, I have resided in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood. I loved it there and it’s my favorite neighborhood in the city. This post takes you through my 10 favorite dishes in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich, Germany. 
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My 10 Favorite Dishes in Frankfurt, Germany


I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for a little over three years. It’s an odd little city. A lot of people work or move through it, but comparably fewer people actually live there, making the food scene not as vibrant as other cities I lived in. Over the years, more food options have popped up. This post takes you through my 10 favorite dishes in Frankfurt, Germany.
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Visiting the Lagoa do Fogo in the Azores


Years ago when I researched potential honeymoon locations, the Azores popped up on my radar. An image of bright green pastures set against the backdrop of the strikingly blue Atlantic Ocean piqued my interest. Though we ended up going to New Zealand for our honeymoon (no complaints there!), I still hoped to travel to the Azores one day. That dream became a reality not so long ago. My favorite...

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