Summer in Leone-Riverside Park

This post is part of the ‘In 7′ photo series., where I share a moment in 7 pictures.

Leone-Riverside Park is just around the corner from our Baltimore residence. Even though I pass by it frequently, it took me almost a year to take a walk in the park.

My Mom, my friend Heather, my son, and I headed to Leone-Riverside Park on a sunny summer afternoon. In addition to getting some fresh air and exercise, I also wanted to work on my photography. I was excited to continue to implement what I learned from my photography lesson in Baltimore.

Here are my 7 photos that captured our summer stroll in Leone-Riverside Park with a photo-by-photo breakdown below:

When entering the park from the northeast entrance, the views are especially green in the summer.
The magnolias were just starting to bloom. This was the sole flower on a magnolia tree we encountered.
The pool at Leone-Riverside Park is pretty popular and is located in the center of the park.
I couldn’t figure out what this building was, but the park’s baseball diamonds are located right near it.
Foursqaure! Heather and I got excited when we saw this. It totally reminded of us of childhood and the games we would play during recess.
My son Teddy is absolutely fascinated by foliage. If you carry him under a tree, he will be totally fixated on the leaves.
Towards the end of our walk, I snapped a shot of this squirrel. A young girl came up to me and asked what I was taking a picture of and I showed her. She was super sweet and said my photograph was a picture a really good photographer would take. She also called her brother over to see this photo. While my photography skills are a work in progress, her enthusiasm and interest made my day.

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This post features 7 photos that capt



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  • I also like the photo of the squirrel šŸ™‚ It’s indeed very encouraging to hear a positive reaction to a photo, whether it’s from an experienced photographer or an enthusiastic young girl.

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