My 10 Favorite Dishes in Maxvorstadt – Munich, Germany

Over the past decade, I have cumulatively spent about a year in Munich, Germany. During all my stays, I have resided in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood. I loved it there and it’s my favorite neighborhood in the city. This post takes you through my 10 favorite dishes in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich, Germany

Before We Get Started

Selection Process

The Munich food scene is exploding and I have eaten at great places around the city. However, when it comes to dishes that I keep returning to, they are mainly concentrated in my old neighborhood – Maxvorstadt – which is why I’m focusing this post on dishes from there.

About those Photos…

These are dishes I’ve enjoyed on many occasions. Since I ate them frequently, I honestly forgot to take photographs of all of them.  Apologies for the dishes that lack photos. Since I will be returning to Munich now and then, I will be sure to update this post with food photos in the future.


My pricing description for each dish is as follows:

€          Under 5€

€ €       Between 5-15€

€ € €    Over 15€

My 10 Favorite Dishes in Maxvorstadt – Munich, Germany

The following is a list of my 10 favorite dishes in Munich, Germany (in no particular order):

1. Chocolate Ginger Ice Cream
@Ballabeni (multiple locations) // €

Ballabeni creates some of my favorite ice cream on the planet. Their chocolate ginger flavor is the perfect combination of a deep fudge chocolate with balanced notes of spicy ginger. They have other delicious flavors and a close second on my list is ‘milk and mint’ followed by their coconut flavor. One of my favorite things about getting ice cream at Ballabeni is that for each order, they give you a small sample of another flavor of your choosing. Also, the edible waffle cone cups do not disappoint.

Two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone. Chocolate ginger on the top and milk and mint on the bottom.
2. Veggie Samosas
@ The Bollywood Store // €

If you’re on the hunt for a quality South Asian grocery store in Munich, The Bollywood Store is the place to go to. In addition to having a great selection of products and produce, they also have some of the best samosas you can buy in Germany. The samosas are homemade with a crispy, flaky dough and a mild, yet satisfying, vegetarian-friendly filling of potatoes, peas, and spices. Do yourself a favor if you’re in the neighborhood and stop by and get one (or two).

Tasty homemade samosas.
3. Vienna-style Schnitzel with Fried Potatoes and Preiselbeeren Sauce
@ Steinheil 16 // €€

The schnitzel at Steinheil is thinly pounded, affordable, and will overtake your plate in the best way possible. I’ve been eating this schnitzel for years. It’s a tasty and filling dinner. For a side, you do get the option of fried potatoes or french fries – get the fried potatoes. I also request a side of preiselbeeren sauce – it’s kind of like a cranberry sauce. Trust me, you won’t leave hungry.

Vienna-style schnitzel atop fried potatoes with preiselbeeren sauce.
4. Amazonas Açaí Bowl
@ Bowls & Blenders // €€

I discovered Bowls & Blenders during my latest stint in Munich. I’ve honestly eaten most of the bowls on the menu. The Amazonas Açaí bowl was my sister and I’s favorite breakfast bowl. I really loved the açaí base they created. The toppings they use are a solid balance of freshness and crunchiness. We felt like we were starting the day off right after eating this bowl. If you’re looking for a nutritious meal that will keep you fueled, check this place out.

An açaí smoothie base topped with blueberries, coconut flakes, bananas, and muesli
5. Pancakes
@ Joon // €€

Joon was a place my husband and I always passed by, but didn’t try until out latest stint in Munich. We were kicking ourselves for not trying the place out sooner for brunch. They do something magical to the pancakes – I can only assume it’s pan-frying them in generous quantities of butter. The pancakes have a slightly crispy outside and retain their fluffy inside. If you can get a table during weekend brunch times, get the pancakes. Also, the vanilla chai latte with almond milk is pretty fantastic.

Crispy and fluffy pancakes with sprinklings of chopped fruit and a side of maple syrup
6. Hangover Burrito
@ Burrito Company // €€

The hangover/breakfast burrito at the Burrito Company is only available on weekends. It packed with bits of tortilla chips, eggs, salsa, chorizo, cheese, guacamole, and cilantro. It’s super tasty and hits the spot whether you are hungover or not. It’s also a great option if you’re super hungry and every sit-down brunch place is packed. I have lost track of the number of times we have had this dish. The other burrito flavors are worth trying too, especially if you pass by on a weekday.

Outside Burrito Company
7. Steak
@ Theresa // €€€

Years ago we randomly stumbled upon Theresa and it remains one of our favorite restaurants in Munich. If you’re looking for quality steak, look no further than this place. The servers are knowledgeable so I would select your steak based on your mood and their recommendations. My husband, who I admit is more of steak aficionado than myself, suggests pairing whatever steak you choose at Theresa with an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Steak at Theresa
8. Bacon Burger
Frida // €€

Frida is definitely a ‘neighborhood joint’. You see a lot of students and locals. The burger is tasty, but you should know what you’re getting. This isn’t your hipster burger joint. The bread is not your typical burger bun, the bacon is more like Canadian bacon, and the Frida sauce is what brings everything together. If you’re a burger connoisseur, then Frida is worth checking out because it is a local place that makes a tasty burger you can’t find elsewhere in the city.

Outside Frida
9. Lime Pie
@  Tafel und Schwafel // €

I’m a huge fan of super citrusy lemon tarts. The lime pie at Tafel und Schwafel is one of my favorite desserts in the area. It’s definitely not for those who prefer subtle citrus flavors. The lime flavors are bold and properly tart. If you’re not a fan of citrusy desserts, they have plenty of other pies and cakes to choose from.

10. Takumi Spezielle Miso Ramen
Takumi (multiple locations) // €€

You probably will have to wait for your ramen due to the constant line at Takumi, but it’s some of the best ramen in the city. The restaurant has been so popular that they have a sister location just a few streets over on Gabelsburgerstraße. My favorite ramen to order is special miso ramen. I really enjoy the Sapporo style of ramen served here and the noodle texture is on point. While the ramen is definitely satisfying on its own, if you have room then I definitely suggest ordering a serving of their homemade gyoza. They’re so good there is a now a cap on how many gyozas a person can order.

The special miso ramen

Closing Thoughts

There are a number of outstanding dishes worth trying in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich. Narrowing my favorites down to 10 dishes was challenging, but I’m sure there is something to fit everyone on this list. I’m looking forward to returning and eating my favorite dishes while discovering new ones.

Have you been to the Maxvorstadt neighborhood? What’s the best thing you ate there? Is there something I definitely have to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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