My 10 Favorite Dishes in Frankfurt, Germany

I lived in Frankfurt, Germany for a little over three years. It’s an odd little city. A lot of people work or move through it, but comparably fewer people actually live there, making the food scene not as vibrant as other cities I lived in. Over the years, more food options have popped up. This post takes you through my 10 favorite dishes in Frankfurt, Germany.

Before We Get Started

Selection Process

This post is my response to friends who ask: “Hey! I’m in Frankfurt for …(typically work), what do you suggest to eat?

I specifically focused on dishes so I could include certain places that aren’t necessarily restaurants and more budget-friendly options. While I have definitely had other good dishes in Frankfurt, I return to these dishes over and over again. Also, I used to live in the Westend so some of my selections are partial to that neighborhood.

About those Photos…

These are dishes I’ve enjoyed on many occasions (unless otherwise noted). Since I ate them frequently, I honestly forgot to take photographs of all of them.  Apologies for the dishes that lack photos. Since I will be returning to Frankfurt now and then, I will be sure to update this post with food photos in the future.


My pricing description for each dish is as follows:

€          Under 5€

€ €       Between 5-15€

€ € €    Over 15€

My 10 Favorite Dishes in Frankfurt, Germany

The following is a list of my 10 favorite dishes in Frankfurt, Germany (in no particular order):

1. Cheezy Bratwurst
@Best Worscht in Town (multiple locations) // €

When I first came to Germany, I honestly didn’t get the hype about currywurst, but it’s definitely grown on me over time. Best Worscht in Town offers my favorite currywurst in Frankfurt. We used to live around the corner from one of the stands and we often ate this on the weekend when we wanted a quick, but indulgent lunch.

My typical order consists of 1) Pork Sausage (Bratwurst), 2) Cheezy Curry (A mix of lemon and jambalaya seasoning, roasted (fried) onions, and mozzarella cheese), 3) A spice level that fits my mood that day. It’s always served with a piece of hearty bread.

There are a few bites left of my cheezy bratwurst.
2. Strozzapreti con Salsiccia piccanta
@VAIVAI // €€€

I used to live across the street from VAIVAI. It’s definitely an interesting crowd, but we always appreciated the staff we came to know there. While my husband’s favorite dish is Bistecca alla Fiorentina Dry Aged – probably the best steak for a minimum of two people in Frankfurt – pasta is what did it for me.

My favorite pasta dish consists of strozzapreti pasta, homemade spicy sausage, fresh green beans, tomato sauce, and basil. This dish was introduced midway through my Frankfurt residency and it’s my go-to dish when I’m craving a hearty and satisfying pasta. The portion size is generous and my football teammate and I would often split the dish after evening training sessions.

Half a portion of the strozzapreti.
3. Light Ramen
@MUKU// €€

You might be asking, “What is light ramen?” It’s my attempt to translate my ramen type of choice. I like lighter ramens with closer to clear broths. When I first when to Muku, they served a light broth ramen with yuzu (popular Japanese citrus fruit). Unfortunately, they don’t serve it anymore, but there is always a lighter ramen on rotation and that’s what I go for when I eat there. Also, their homemade noodles are quite famous and delicious.

So the thing with Muku is that they are often fully booked. It’s also tricky to make a reservation because they don’t always answer the phone.

While there are definitely other ramen places that are quite delicious like Ramen Jun (tasty homemade noodles) and Takumi (normally enough seating to get a place), I keep coming back to Muku‘s light, soupy broths.

Light brothy ramen
4. Mixed Vegetarian Ethiopian Platter
@Demera// €€

Frankfurt is home to both a large Ethiopian and Eritrean community. After working in Ethiopia for years, I definitely have a soft spot for food from the region.

While I have not sampled all the Ethiopian and Eritrean places in Frankfurt, Demera was my neighborhood go-to place, especially when I had vegetarian friends in town. I love their mixed vegetarian platter (#27 on the menu) because the veggies were always fresh and I love the variety. It also fills you up in a way where you don’t feel sluggish afterwards.

A portion of a veggie platter for three people.
5. Jamy‘s Classic® Burger with Bacon
@Jamy’s Burger// €€

The best burger in Frankfurt is a contentious debate. I have friends who swear by local favorites like Burger Baby, Fletcher’s Better Burger, and Bullys Burger. Other friends prefer direct US burger joint imports like Five Guys and Bareburger.

I have eaten all the aforementioned burgers and would gladly eat them, but when I am craving a quick and satisfying burger, Jamy’s Burger is my go-to.

Why? Well, it’s worth mentioning that Shake Shack is my US fast-food burger joint of choice (Yes, I have had In-N-Out). Not only does the aesthetic of Jamy’s feel similar to Shake Shack, but their burger tastes somewhat similar too. So, if I’m craving Shake Shack, I go to Jamy’s and get their classic with bacon.

The Classic, but I forgot the bacon (unforgivable!).
6. Korean Fried Chicken (Filet Pieces) with Classic Sauce
@Koryano// €€

To get to Koryano you have to head to the northern outskirts of Frankfurt in Eschersheim. This restaurant is housed in an unassuming building that is also home to a sports club. Though the trek is bit off-the-beaten-path, the fried chicken is worth the journey.

This fried chicken is not like what you might get at BonChon (a global Korean Fried Chicken chain). This tastes and feels like Korean home cooking. My favorite sauce is the classic sweet and spicy sauce with hints of garlic. It is the right balance of these flavors. Also, I prefer getting filet strips because they are a bit easier to eat with chopsticks, but the wings are tasty too.

What does this have to do with fried chicken? Not much, except my football team is also located in Eschersheim. Go FV09!
7. Brazilian Feijoada
@Cafuchico// €€€

I only had this dish once, but I think about it a lot. Feijoada is a popular Brazilian stew that often consists of beans and pork. It’s often served with rice. Each Brazilian I know can tell me about the variations of this dish in their family and friend circle.

Feijoada isn’t on a lot of menus. It’s a home dish. It also takes some time to prepare. My friend pre-arranged a special lunch for over 12 of us at Cafuchico. The feijoada at Cafuchico is one of the best dishes I have had in Frankfurt. My feijoada-loving friends confirmed that this was a solid feijoada. In addition to the meat, the salads were fresh and provided a needed contrast to the savory, slow-cooked stew.

7. Spiced Sliced Paratha with Mixed Vegetables
@Saravanaa Bhavan// €€

Given that my family is from Kerala, India, I am always on the lookout for solid South Indian food. While my favorite South Indian dish is coconut chutney, this spiced paratha dish at Saravanaa Bhavan – a global vegetarian Indian restaurant chain – caught my attention because I had never seen anything like it before.

This dish (#82 on the menu) is made up of sliced paratha (a flaky Indian bread) that has been mixed with spices and vegetables. The veggies don’t overwhelm the dish and the star remains the spiced paratha. This dish travels really well. As a result, I can order it and take it with me on the train (the restaurant is one block from the main station) or save it to eat later in the day.

Close-up of the paratha.
9. Ice Cream
@L’Art Sucré (various locations)// €

I love ice cream. There is really no other way to put it. Since finding out that I am lactose intolerant, I choose my ice cream indulgences carefully.

My favorite ice cream in Frankfurt is actually from a pâtisserie called L’Art Sucré. They only serve their ice cream in the summer and I love pretty much all their flavors. My favorite sorbets are strawberry-rosemary and passionfruit-mint. These really hit the spot on a humid day. Likewise, their take on classic flavors such as chocolate and vanilla are really tasty too.

Strawberry-rosemary on top and passionfruit-mint on the bottom.
10. Zimtschnecke (Cinnamon Roll)
@DASEIN Mensa Goethe University // €

My colleagues at Goethe University can attest to the fact that I am a connoisseur of cinnamon rolls, which are called ‘Zimtschnecke’ in German. The DASEIN mensa at Goethe University has my favorite Zimtschnecke in Frankfurt. It’s big, fluffy, and full of cinnamon. If you are on campus, definitely go try one for yourself.

If you are feeling too shy to go on campus, the bakery Zeit für Brot makes solid cinnamon rolls too.

Sadly I don’t have a picture of the Zimtschnecke, but here is a pretty picture of Goethe University (DASEIN mensa not pictured).

Closing Thoughts

The Frankfurt food scene is definitely growing. New places are popping up and existing venues are changing up some of their offerings. In the future, I’m looking forward to returning to the city to see how it will change in the next years – especially it’s food offerings.

Have you been to Frankfurt, Germany? What’s the best thing you ate there? Is there something I definitely have to try? Let me know in the comments below!



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