#MuseumOfMe 2020 Photo Challenge Summary

Gracie Price created a 7-day social media challenge called #museumofme to encourage museum professionals and aficionados to connect with one another amidst COVID-19. This post shares summary of all my posts for the #museumofme photo challenge.

How does #museumofme work?

#museumofme was created by Gracie Price. This is what inspired her and how she envisioned the challenge:

The goal of the Museum of Me is to allow museum professionals and visitors to share more about their lives – connecting with like minded individuals.

Guided by a week of prompts participants can share photos and short descriptions about small areas of their lives on Twitter or Instagram using #museumofme

Gracie Price

Here were the prompts:

My #museumofme Photo Challenge Summary

1. Photo of you as a child

My family jokes that I always loved school. When my parents dropped me off for my first day of school, I was so pumped that when we got there I walked in and immediately told them ‘Bye!’ Here is a picture of me in preschool.

2. Something you collect

I have collected stamps since I was in 4th grade. My collection is filled with stories, gifts, and memories that I treasure. Trust me, everyone in my family knows not to come in the room when I am hanging out with my stamps.

3. Someone important to you

My Mom is one of the major reasons why I started (and continue) to create digital content around archaeology + travel. She reads every blog post (and texts me when she catches spelling or grammatical mistakes).

4. Your favorite object

2 decades ago I got this blanket from India. It’s cozy, a decent size to share, and has a comforting weight to it. It often moves with me and I am not the only one who enjoys it. *Not pictured: Me!

5. A book that represents you

My Mom gifted me this book around 20 years ago. While I’m not a clueless cook (or a teen) anymore, this book is decently traveled, slightly aged, and filled with memories (with room for more) – which represents me.

6. Your family

This picture is definitely the smallest version of my family (me, Christian, and Teddy).
Not picture: Mom, siblings, inlaws, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and members of our chosen family.

7. Home

For (almost) the past two years, Baltimore has been our home. Here is a view from peeking around the corner from our balcony.

Closing Thoughts

I really enjoyed participating in this photo challenge. Besides sharing a bit more with my community, I was also able to reconnect and reminisce with people from my past. It was a definite bright spot during this challenging time. Finally, I want to thank Gracie Price for creating a 7-day social media challenge.

Have you participated in social media challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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