Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley

This post is part of the ‘In 7′ photo series., where I share a moment in 7 pictures.

I had heard about Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley before we moved to the city. During our first year, I had well-intentioned plans to visit it. That didn’t happen. I didn’t even look up the location. If I did, I would have learned that I passed by it on my daily commute to work. I’m still working on being a better tourist in the places I live in.

Graffiti Alley is an L-shaped alley located between North Howard Street and 19 1/2 Street. It’s the only legal space in Baltimore where graffiti artists can create freely. The space is constantly changing and attracts both locals and tourists. We were lucky enough to see some artists at work during our visit.

Here are my 7 photos that captured our visit to Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley with a photo-by-photo breakdown below:

The 19 1/2 Street entrance to Graffiti Alley. It was a lively day and many people were creating in the space.
This piece was near the 19 1/2 Street entrance.
These two designs were being freshly created during our visit.
There were artists and their tools around.
This stunning piece by Ernest Shaw was in commemoration of Toni Morrison.
Christian and Teddy in Graffiti Alley.

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This post features my 7 photos that captures parts of Baltimore's Graffiti Alley.

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