#archaeology31 2021 Photo Challenge Summary

#archaeology31 is a photo challenge created by Kim Biddulph that encourages archaeologists to share photos and stories about their work. The challenge takes place in January on Twitter and Instagram. This post shares a summary of all my posts for 2021’s #archaeology31.

How does #archaeology31 work?

#archaeology31 was created by Kim Biddulph in 2019. This is what inspired her and how she envisioned the challenge:

Inspired by #museum30 created by Gracie Price (@magnifyzoology) that runs in November, I decided to create an #archaeology31 photo challenge on Twitter to brighten up everyone’s January. The idea is for archaeologists to post one photo a day in January, with a specific theme each day… 

Kim Biddulph

While Twitter is the primary medium for the challenge, some archaeologists have posted on Instagram and on their personal blogs. Some participants posted other content (e.g., gifs, videos, external links, etc.) for some days instead of a picture.

The daily themes change from year to year. Kim curated the following themes for the 2021 challenge:

My #archaeology31 2021 Photo Challenge Summary

The follow sections detail my answers to each day’s prompt. If you would like to see how other archaeologists answered, check out the following Twitter summary:

Day 1: New

Day 2: Future

Day 3: Creativity

Check out the post: A Photography Lesson in Baltimore

Day 4: Communication

Check out the post: The Archaeology of the Night – What’s That About?

Day 5: Door

Check out the post: The Doors of Oman

Day 6: Move

Day 7: Place

Check out the post: My Grandma’s Green Coconut Chutney

Day 8: Decolonise

Day 9: Circle

Day 10: Memory

Check out the post: An Inside Look into Studying Aksumite Archaeology in Ethiopia

Day 11: Community

Day 12: Point

Day 13: Gender

Check out the post: 25 Pictures of Water Management in Northern Oman

Day 14: Hidden

Check out the post: Archaeobotany vs. Paleoethnobotany vs. Paleobotany

Day 15: Treasure

Day 16: Corner

Check out the post: An Inside Look into Studying Aksumite Archaeology in Ethiopia

Day 17: #FolkloreThursday

Day 18: Discovery

Day 19: Fashion

Day 20: Gift

Day 21: Reinterpret

Day 22: Red

Day 23: Identity

Check out the post: Visiting the Tombs of al-Ayn in Oman

Day 24: Science

Day 25: Respect

Day 26: Culture

Day 27: Storytelling

Check out the post: Architectural Feats in Oman Throughout the Ages

Day 28: Friendship

Day 29: Theory

Check out the post: Ingenuity in the Oasis: Archaeobotanical, Geospatial, and Ethnoarchaeological Investigations of Bronze Age Agrarian Community Choices in the Northern Oman Interior

Day 30: Protest

Day 31: Change

Closing Thoughts

If you have made it to the end of this post, thank you because it was a long one!

This is my 2nd time participating in #archaeology31 and I really enjoyed it again. I am glad I also posted on my Instagram because it was a lot of fun engaging with so many of you there. I am looking forward to participating next year.

Have you heard of #archaeology31? What are your favorite social media hashtag challenges? Let me know in the comments below!

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