6 Hour Philly Food Tour

This post is part of the ‘In 7′ photo series., where I share a moment in 7 pictures.

Philadelphia is a city that was close by growing up and during my USA university times. Unfortunately, I never spent much time there. One of our friends, Jeremy, was doing a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania and offered to take us around Philly and show us some of his favorite food spots.

We took this trip about two weeks before I gave birth. While I was going a bit stir crazy, I didn’t want to venture too far from home for too long. The train from Baltimore to Philly is only 1 hour and made for the perfect quick excursion. We arrived late on Friday night and slept in on Saturday morning. By noon, we were hungry and ready to start eating our way through the city. We ate until we caught our train back to Baltimore later that evening.

Here are my 7 photos that captured our 6 hour Philly food tour with a photo-by-photo breakdown below:

The number one thing that my husband wanted to eat during our trip was a cheesesteak. Jeremy highly recommended the South Street location of Jim’s Steaks. There was a sizeable line, but it moved quickly. My husband and I shared a Steak Sandwich with Whiz and fried onions. It filled us up.
After such a filling (half) cheesesteak meal, we needed coffee. Bodhi Coffee was part of our post-cheesesteak walking tour. I didn’t realize they are known for oat milk coffee concoctions so I missed out trying that. Still, their decaf latte hit my pregnant coffee craving.
During my pregnancy, I was super lucky that my lactose intolerance was briefly suppressed. I really wanted ice cream so we headed to the Franklin Fountain. You can get scoops in a cone or in this takeout-esque container. The scoops are generous and the ice cream is creamy. My husband had Hydrox Cookie and I had Pistachio. They both were delicious.
We had some time to kill before our dinner reservation. Our group stopped by 2nd Story Brewing Company for a mid-afternoon drink. While I didn’t drink, everyone else in our party got a flight to sample some of their locally made brews.
This piece of wall art was at 2nd Story Brewing. I like it.
We headed to Parc for dinner. This place really reminded me of Paris. I enjoyed the Mushroom Tarte and the Steak Au Poivre, but to this day I crave their bread basket. The bread was fresh, warm, and came with excellent butter. Good bread is hard to find and definitely something I remember.
We ended our food tour at XIX Lounge in the Bellevue Hotel. Everyone had old fashioneds, while I drank ice water and took pictures.

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