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The Archaeology of the Night – What’s That About?


Earlier this month I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was giving a talk at the ‘Archaeology of the Night’ symposium at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) in Orlando, Florida. One of my readers, Wolfgang Alders, asked on Facebook, “What is the archaeology of the night?” Fair question! This post tells you what the...

Hiking the Ben Lomond Track in New Zealand


For many travellers New Zealand is a must-visit destination. Personally, I’ve wanted to visit the country since I was a kid. Why? At some point during my childhood, I came across an old newspaper insert, The Mini-Page, titled Let’s Visit New Zealand. On the fourth page, there was a section that read ‘No Snakes’. I was sold.
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A Method for Dealing With Imposter Syndrome


Simply put, imposter syndrome sucks. For those of you who are aren’t familiar with the concept, it generally means you feel like a fraud or, as the terms implies, an imposter. Many of us have felt this way at some point in our lives. Imposter syndrome is rampant amongst graduate students, myself included. In addition to the unpleasant feelings that come with imposter syndrome (persistent...

Smiti Nathan

I’m an archaeologist that travels around the world for both work and pleasure. I have a penchant for exploring ancient and modern places and the people, plants, and foods entangled in them. I write about archaeology, travel, and productivity.



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