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7 Things That Scare Archaeologists


Mummies, mole people, and cursed mysterious artifacts. Yes, archaeology has its fair share of Hollywood created horrors. For the most part, they’re quite entertaining, but if you want to know what really scares archaeologists, keep reading.
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Butter, Baguettes, and Beer: French Foods Worth Trying


When I was in middle school we had two foreign language options, Spanish and French. I don’t know why, perhaps it was due to the all the Madeline I watched as a child, but I picked French. When I entered high school, I found out that every two years or so our French teacher would take students to Paris for about two weeks during the summer. I immediately started saving any money I made...

Why Do Leaves Fall?


It’s fall (or autumn) for those of us in the temperate, northern hemisphere. If you’ve ever wondered why leaves fall during the fall season, then I have good, quick read for you.
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Exciting Update: 4 New Ways to Bring Content to You!


This  website has been live for over six weeks now and I have really enjoyed the process of creating and sharing the content you see and read. In an effort to  get and stay organized (Habit #3), I’m excited to announce that this website will now deliver compelling content in four new ways.
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anthraco2015: A Few Thoughts


This past summer the 6th International Anthracology Meeting (anthraco2015) was held in Freiburg, Germany.  The meeting was jointly organized by the Department of Geobotany, Faculty of Biology, University of Freiburg, and the Tree-ring Lab of Baden-Wuerttemburg State Office for Cultural Heritage. This meeting is held every four years (or so) and I was excited that the location and timing allowed...

Best of Boston Summer 2015: Food, Sites, and Experiences


This past summer I was in Boston for a total of three weeks. Before that, I never spent much quality time in the city. I really liked Boston for a number of reasons. First off, it’s quite clean in comparison to many U.S. cities I have travelled to and lived in. Secondly, it’s not as massive as New York or London (Though, I do love both of them!), which makes its less daunting for a...

Wood Anatomy and Archaeological Charcoal Identification Workshop at Boston University


In August 2015, I flew back to Boston to participate in a week-long wood anatomy and archaeological charcoal identification workshop at Boston University. The course was generously put on by Dr. John (Mac) Marston and Boston University’s Environmental Archaeology Lab (EAL). This post will tell you how I found out about the archaeological charcoal workshop (and how you can too in the...

2 Days in Rochefort, Belgium to Get Wedding Beer


About two weeks ago I got married and it was AWESOME! My now-husband and I really enjoy beer and we decided to have a beer-themed wedding. When we first visited Belgium a couple of years ago, we swore that if we lived close by we would make frequent trips to Belgium to buy as much glorious beer as possible (within legal limits of course!). After getting engaged and moving to Frankfurt, we decided...

microMORPH Summer Course 2015: How I Learned Plant and Wood Anatomy (and how you can too!)


Forget Willy Wonka, I felt that I won the golden ticket when I was accepted into the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University and microMORPH’s summer short course on plant anatomy with a focus on woody plants. This two-week intensive program brought together 11 graduate students from fields such as paleobotany, evolutionary developmental (evo-devo) biology, dendrochronology, physics, and...

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I’m an archaeologist that travels around the world for both work and pleasure. I have a penchant for exploring ancient and modern places and the people, plants, and foods entangled in them. I write about archaeology, travel, and productivity.



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