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The 4 Foods I Must Have As Soon As I Land In Ethiopia


As soon as I landed in Ethiopia this past June, I was ready to eat. First, I had to shower and get briefed on all the archaeological ongoings prior to my arrival, but I had a list of food that I wanted to consume during my 10-day research trip to the Tigray region. I love Ethiopian food and there are some special food items that only taste right if I eat them in Ethiopia. This post lists...

An Inside Look into Studying Aksumite Archaeology in Ethiopia


What do Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) and your morning cup of coffee (Coffea arabica) have in common? They’re both from Ethiopia. I’ve worked the in Tigray region of northeastern Ethiopia since 2012 and after a 2-year hiatus, I was excited to return this past June. The archaeological project I work with is the Southern Red Sea Archaeological Histories (SRSAH pronounced sir-sah)...

Aberdeen and Scottish Beer: A Break Before Fieldwork


Archaeological fieldwork, like most fieldwork, can be extremely demanding. Often we’re working long hours (ca. 16 hour days), eating what we’re given, and have little personal time. There are great parts of fieldwork, which is why many of us keep doing it; however, it’s more than fair to say that fieldwork is NOT a vacation. While fieldwork is arduous, most of us are working before we...

7 Things Archaeologists Probably Did Over the Summer


Summer is winding down and for those of us in Germany, it’s gone (No worries, Kürbis season has started!). Some of us are heading back to school and we’re faced with some variant of “How was your summer?” or “What did you do over the summer?”  For many of us that’s a loaded question because we ended up doing a lot of things over the summer.  If...

Welcome to Habits of a Travelling Archaeologist


Hi! I’m Smiti and welcome to Habits of a Travelling Archaeologist.  I am an archaeologist and I have trekked around the world a fair amount for the past ten years. I have done a variety of archaeological work in many countries (Hungary, India, Ethiopia, Oman, France, etc.) and lived in a couple of other countries too (UK, Germany, Greece). Here I share my experiences and some useful...

Smiti Nathan

I’m an archaeologist that travels around the world for both work and pleasure. I have a penchant for exploring ancient and modern places and the people, plants, and foods entangled in them. I write about archaeology, travel, and productivity.



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